AR# 563


INSTALL 5.1.1: Xilinx Key may prevent a successful CD-ROM install.


When installing XACT version 5.1.1 software (or any Xilinx CD-ROM software)

from an external CD-ROM drive, please make sure that no other device

(such as the Xilinx Key) is attached to the same parallel port. The external

CD-ROM SCSI adaptor should be connected directly to the parallel port so that

the installation can be completed successfully. Otherwise, your CD-ROM drive

may not be able to communicate to the PC correctly if the SCSI connector is

not attached to the parallel port directly.


Xilinx programmable key (or other vendor keys) may cause communication

problem between the PC and the CD-ROM drive via the SCSI adaptor.


Remove any software keys from the parallel port so that the CD-ROM SCSI adaptor

is attached directly to the port!

AR# 563
Date 04/12/2010
Status Archive
Type General Article
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