AR# 56332


Design Advisory for Virtex-7 GTH - QPLL Attribute Updates for Production Silicon


This Design Advisory covers the Virtex-7 GTH Production Silicon attribute setting changes for the QPLL.


All current designs using 1) Production Silicon, and 2) -2GE or -3E speed grades must use the QPLL settings specified in this answer record.

Current designs with production silicon that are not speed grades -2GE or -3E can use default settings from Vivado Design Suite 2012.4 and above, or 7 Series Serial Tranceiver Wizard Version v2.4 in ISE Design Suite 14.4 and above.

All new designs using production silicon must use these settings for all speed grades. These GTH settings will be reflected in the Vivado Design Suite 2013.3 and 7 Series Serial Tranceiver Wizard v2.7 for the ISE 14.7 design tool. Note these settings are not backward compatible to General ES silicon. For GES, see (Xilinx Answer 51625).

Attribute Value
QPLL_CFG 27'h04801C7
COMMON_CFG 32'h0000001C


Revision History
07/29/2013 - Initial release

AR# 56332
Date 07/25/2013
Status Active
Type Design Advisory
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