AR# 56334


Vivado NCSim error - ncvhdl_​p: *E,​SELLIB (//.vhd): unit (...) not found in library (...)


When I attempt to run NCsim with libraries compiled in Vivado design tools, I receive error messages similar to the following:

ncvhdl_p: *E,SELLIB (/.../opb_master.vhd,100|23): unit (PROC_COMMON_PKG) not found in library (PROC_COMMON_V3_00_A).

How can I resolve this?


This error indicates that there is a problem mapping the libraries to the compiled library location. With Vivado tools, the libraries produced are 64-bit libraries by default, and so require a 64-bit version of the NCSim tools. Run NCSim in 64-bit mode to resolve the errors. If 32-bit tools are required, the -32bit option is required for the compile_simlib command. For more information on compile_simlib please type 'help compile_simlib' on the Vivado Tcl command line.

AR# 56334
Date 06/17/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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