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AR# 5645

Foundation F1.5/F1.5i: When trying to execute the Project Manager, nothing happens


keywords: project, manager, execute, nothing, disappear, exit, pcm

urgency: standard

general description:

When trying to open a new project or to switch to another project, the
Project Manager disappears. This is most likely the result of the TEMP
variable and the associated directory not being set up properly.

Possible causes:

a) TEMP variable points to an invalid directory.
b) TEMP variable is not set.
c) TEMP points to a directory that is not writable.
d) The hard drive is full.
e) TEMP variable points to C:\Windows\temp (or tmp) instead of C:\TEMP (or TMP).
f) TEMP variable points to a network drive without the \ (example x: instead of x:\).


1. Create a 'temp' directory in c:\
2. Set the 'temp' variable to point to c:\temp
a)i For WinNT do a 'right click' (for a right handed mouse) on the
'My Computer' icon.
ii Select 'Properties'.
iii Select the 'Environment' tab.
iv Go to the 'Variable' data entry field and type in 'TEMP'.
v Go to the 'Value' data entry field and type in 'C:\TEMP'.
vi Hit the 'Set' button then hit the 'Okay' button.
vii Go to the 'Variable' data entry field and type in 'TMP'.
viii Go to the 'Value' data entry field and type in 'C:\TEMP'.
ix Hit the 'Set' button then hit the 'Okay' button.
x Restart the computer.

b)i For Windows 95 open the 'autoexec.bat' file.
ii Add the line 'SET TEMP=C:\TEMP'.
iii Add the line 'SET TMP=C:\TMP'.
iv Save the 'autoexec.bat' file and restart the computer.
AR# 5645
Date 03/07/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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