AR# 56505

2013.2 / 14.6 Licensing - The HOST ID Matches column in XLCM is incorrectly shown as "No"


When I open the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) in ISE Design Suite 14.6 or Vivado Design Suite 2013.2, the HOST ID Matches column is shown as No. However, the host ID in the license file is correct.

Why is this happening?


The license information listed in the report_environment output (Available in Vivado 2013.3) also lists HOST ID Matches column is shown as No.

This is an XLCM reporting problem (i.e., the license works correctly). This happens when node-locked license is locked to a dongle flex id, NIC ID, or Disk Serial Number. A Change Request has been filed to address this issue.

The HostID Matches column is also listed as No for floating licenses. In most cases this is true since the HostID will match the license server and not a HostID available on the client machine. However, for a floating license, this field is intended to be left blank.

To verify the HostID matches, use the "lmutil lmdiag" command. Running "lmutil lmdiag" by itself will search for all license features found in the defined Flex license path. A specific feature name can be added to diagnose only that specific feature. The -c option can be used to specify a specific license file or location.


  • lmutil lmdiag
  • lmutil lmdiag implementation
  • lmutil lmdiag -c C:\.Xilinx\xilinx.lic
  • lmutil lmdiag -c C:\.Xilinx\xilinx.lic synthesis

The "lmutil lmdiag" will return the features found and whether the feature can be checked out. If the HostID does not match, this will be listed as a reason the feature cannot be checked out.

In ISE 14.7 and Vivado 2013.3, XLCM has been fixed to show the correct HostID Matches value. The HostID Matches value for report_environment will be fixed in Vivado 2013.4.

AR# 56505
Date 04/02/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues