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AR# 56600

Vivado Implementation - Place 30-137 error is encountered with GT to BUFMR connections


When migrating my design from Vivado 2013.1 to 2013.2 I receive the following error:


ERROR: [Place 30-137] Unroutable Placement! A GT / BUFR component pair is not placed in a routable site pair. The GT component can use the dedicated path between the GT and the BUFR if both are placed in the same clock region. If this sub optimal condition is acceptable for this design, you may use the CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE constraint in the .xdc file to demote this message to a WARNING and allow your design to continue. However, the use of this override is highly discouraged as it may lead to very poor timing results. It is recommended that this error condition be corrected in the design. A list of all the CELL.NETs used in this clock placement rule is listed below. These examples can be used directly in the .xdc file to override this clock rule.
    < set_property CLOCK_DEDICATED_ROUTE FALSE [get_nets iof_sgmii_pchgbe0/inst/transceiver_inst/gtwizard_inst/gt0_rxoutclk_i] >
    iof_sgmii_pchgbe0/inst/transceiver_inst/gtwizard_inst/GTWIZARD_i/inst/gt0_GTWIZARD_i/gthe2_i (GTHE2_CHANNEL.RXOUTCLK) is locked to GTHE2_CHANNEL_X1Y28
    iof_sgmii_pchgbe0/inst/transceiver_inst/gtwizard_inst/rxrecclkbufmr (BUFMR.I) is provisionally placed by clockplacer on BUFMRCE_X1Y12

This relates to a GT to BUFMR connection.

Why is this happening?


This error occurs as a result of 3 GT's being placed in one clock region, all of which are driving a BUFMR.

(UG472) Summary of clock connectivity states that a BUFMR can only be driven by a GT in the same clock region.

Because there are only 2 BUFMR's per clock region and 3 GT's, one is placed in another clock region which results in the error.

Vivado 2013.1 did not check for this condition.
One way to resolve this error would be to change one of the buffers to a BUFR or BUFG.
AR# 56600
Date 03/25/2015
Status Active
Type Error Message
  • Vivado Design Suite
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