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AR# 56619

14.x System Generator - Generating Multiple Subsystem fails due to the wrong part being applied to CORE Generator for shared memory blocks


When trying to generate my multiple subsystem design in ISE System Generator, I get the following errors:

ERROR:sim - User configuration exceeds BRAM count in the selected device
ERROR:sim:963 - IP initializer could not set IP core parameters on IP model. More information can be found in F:/test_1/test_dir/coregen.log or in /coregen,log.

Why does this occur? I have verified my chosen device has enough block RAM for my design needs.


This occurs because the wrong part is being selected in the Block Memory Generator XCO file created internally to System Generator. The device chosen in the System Generator token is not correctly passed to the core's XCO file.

If one comes across this issue, please contact Xilinx Technical Support or your local FAE for assistance.

AR# 56619
Date 07/29/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • System Generator for DSP - 14.2
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  • System Generator for DSP - 14.3
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