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AR# 56664

Vivado - WebTalk options in the Vivado tools


How does WebTalk work in the Vivado IDE, and how can I verify that I have properly disabled or enabled WebTalk during my Vivado installation?


WebTalk is always enabled for WebPACK users. WebTalk ignores user and install preferences when a bitstream is generated using the WebPACK license. You can view information on how WebTalk works in Vivado by reading the WebTalk section of UG973.

To view the current WebTalk status or to change the settings, use the Vivado IDE  or use the config_webtalk tcl command. 

To Enable or Disable WebTalk from inside the Vivado IDE, select Tools -> Options and change the selection box as desired under the WebTalk section.

Alternatively you can use the config_webtalk Tcl command with the following syntax:

config_webtalk  [-info] [-user <arg>] [-install <arg>] [-quiet] [-verbose]
  Name        Description
  [-info]     Show whether WebTalk is currently enabled or disabled
  [-user]     Enable/disable WebTalk for the current user. Specify either
              'on' to enable or 'off' to disable.
              Default: empty
  [-install]  Enable/disable WebTalk for all users of the current
              installation. Specify either 'on' to enable or 'off' to
              disable. If you specify 'off', individual users will not be
              able to enable WebTalk using the -user option. You may need
              administrator rights to use this option.
              Default: empty
  [-quiet]    Ignore command errors
  [-verbose]  Suspend message limits during command execution

Use the following command to check if WebTalk is enabled:

config_webtalk -info

Use the following command to enable or disable WebTalk for the current user:

config_webtalk -user on/off

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