AR# 5670


F1.5i Service Pack 1 Install: An error occurred during the move data process: -113


Keywords: install, service pack, 113

Urgency: standard

General Description:

When attempting to install the F1.5i Service Pack 1, the following error may
be issued:

An error occurred during the move data process: -113
Component: New NT Files
File Group: New NT Files
File: %TEMP%\PFT1~TMP\IMPL\data\xc9536.adr

This error is caused by installing one of the Service Pack updates
too quickly after installing another update. The %TEMP% directory
needs about 5-10 seconds to clean itself up from the first install.
If a subsequent install is run before the %TEMP% directory has been
cleaned up, you may see this error.


Simply rerun the install which failed, and this time it should work successfully.
AR# 5670
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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