AR# 5680


Install 1.5i: Installation of Service Pack or other updates errors out with "System error during decompression"


Keywords: Install, Service Pack, System, Error, Decompression

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
While installing a Service Pack or some other update to M1.5i, the decompression
algorithm for Install Sheild may error out with the following message:

"System error during decompression".


We have found that this is due to insufficient disk space in the temporary directory
that is pointed to by the TEMP and/or TMP environment variables. For example,
to run the design_impl_upd.exe executable in Service Pack 1 for 1.5i, it has been
seen that greater than 100MB of disk space was needed on the drive containing
the directory pointed to by the TEMP and/or TMP environment variables.

The resolution to this problem is to free up enough space on that drive to allow
Install Sheild enough room to unpack all the files it needs to unpack.
AR# 5680
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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