AR# 5683


F1.5is1, Express 3.1: Incorrect speed grades listed for XC4000XLA family


Keywords: Express, 4000XLA, XLA, speed, grade, F1.5is1

Urgency: standard

problem description:
The speed grades listed for the XC4000XLA family in FPGA Express 3.1 are incorrect.
The problem translates to the project manager when synthesizing; the user
will not be able to select the correct speed grades.


Modify the XC4000XLA.PTS file in the %XILINX%\synth\lib directory. Open this file in your
favorite text editor and replace all "xl-1" and "xl-2" instances with "xl-07" and "xl-08".
Once this file is modified, the valid speed files will be available in the project Manager.
AR# 5683
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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