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AR# 56836

When will the VCS and NCSim (IES) tools be integrated into the Vivado tool suite?


VCS and NCSim (IES) are supported tools in the Vivado tool set. However, the method of generating simulation scripts for the tools varies upon the version being used. When will the flow for these tools be integrated into Vivado tools?


The flow for the VCS and NCSim tools is different depending on the version of the Vivado tool set being used. These tools use a file list and simulation script to run the simulation. The Vivado tool set will provide the simulation script for the tools, however, will not launch the tools directly.

The script generation for VCS and NCSim will be fully integrated into the Vivado 2013.3 build. 

For prior releases of the Vivado tools, please see:
(Xilinx Answer 56487) - How do I perform NCSim or VCS simulation using IP in Vivado?

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AR# 56836
Date 07/22/2013
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