AR# 56878


SDK 14.6/2013.2 - SDK fails to program FPGA if the IPI design or XPS submodule is deep within the Vivado hierarchy


In Vivado system, where the IP Integrator block design or the XPS sub module is deep within the hierarchy, the SDK will fail during Program FPGA with an error message stating that the processor is not present in the Hardware System.

How can this be addressed?


To fix this issue, download the patch attached to this Answer Record, and follow the steps below. 

Steps to apply patch:


1.       Take backup of files com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.ui_1.0.0.jar and com.xilinx.sdk.tools_1.0.0
 at <SDK Installation Location>/SDK/2013.2/eclipse/<platform>/eclipse/plugins to different names.
2.       Unzip attached zip file (it has two jar files com.xilinx.sdk.targetmanager.ui_1.0.0.jar and com.xilinx.sdk.tools_1.0.0).
3.       Then copy the files in attachment to <SDK Installation Location>/SDK/2013.2/eclipse/<platform>/eclipse/plugins.


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AR# 56878
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