AR# 5691


F1.5is1: Foundation Schematic Editor: Error Reading File/ Error Writing File/ Reading file [filename] failed/ Writing file [filename] failed.


Keywords: Foundation Schematic, Read, Write, Failed

urgency: standard

problem description:

When loading a schematic project and opening a schematic
sheet, you get the following error messages:

Error Reading file - [filename]

Error Writing file - [filename]

Reading file [filename] failed!

Writing file [filename] failed!


This error is due to the presence of long file names in the path
of the project. Foundation tools cannot handle long file names
and the result is an error similar to the one described in the
description. To fix this problem, make sure each segment of the
project path, including file name, contains names that are eight
(8) characters or less. Also try to avoid using spaces.
AR# 5691
Date 06/13/2002
Status Archive
Type General Article
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