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AR# 56924

System Generator - DSP48 Macro v2.1 binary point error being received


When migrating my design which previously used the DSP48 Macro block and worked without issue to use the DSP48 Macro v2.1 block, I receive the following error:

NetlistException: ERROR:sim - p_binarywidth: Value '35' is out of range '[22..34]'.. More information can be found in C:/TEMP/sysgentmp-uname/cg_wk/c2c2fdb8e0903b4cb/coregen.log or in C:/TEMP/xlisim4f54c9d4/sysgen/coregen.log.

Why does this occur?


This is a known issue with the selection of the output width.

When a defined output of width 36 and a binary point of 35 are selected, this error occurs.

If you change the binary point to 34, it no longer produces an error. 

A Change Request has been filed against the DSP48 Macro v2.1 block to fix this is a future release.

To work around this issue use full precision output and do any truncation/reinterpretation manually.
AR# 56924
Date 08/19/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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