AR# 56929

LogiCORE IP Test Pattern Generator (TPG) v5.0 - Color bars are incorrect colors in constant RGB mode


I am using the Test Pattern Generator (TPG) v5.0 from Vivado 2013.1 in constant RGB 444 mode. 

I expect to see color bars that look like the below:



However, they look like the below:




This is a known issue discovered in the Test Pattern Generator (TPG) v5.0 core, which has been fixed in the Test Pattern Generator (TPG) v5.0 Rev 1.

The core is using the default mode of YCC instead of RGB when used in constant mode.

You can also work around this by enabling the AXI Lite interface on the core and setting the format through the register space.

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AR# 56929
Date 08/19/2014
Status Archive
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