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AR# 57007

7 Series Integrated Block for PCI Express v2.1 - How to Assign User Transceiver Location Constraint?


How can I change the transceiver location constraint for the 7 Series Integrated Block for PCI Express v2.1 in Vivado 2013.2 tools? 

When adding the constraints in the user XDC file, the tool gives a critical warning indicating that the new placements were not applied, but instead used the transceiver locations constraint in the IP XDC file.


To apply your own transceiver location constraint, follow one of the procedures described below:

Option 1:

In newer tool versions (for example, 2014.4.1/2015.1) it is possible to use the top level XDC to change the transceiver locations and these are not overwritten by the IP XDC.

This works correctly once you ensure that constraint ordering is done so that there are no conflicts with other IPs using the same locations as a default.

This can be managed by ensuring that the PCIe GT location is before the conflicting GT constraint.

Option 2:

For previous versions of the tools where the top level XDC is overwritten by the IP XDC, you will need to use the IS_MANAGED option detailed below.

Note: this will restrict re-customization of the core.

1. Select core XCI and select Properties in the Source File Properties section.

2. Uncheck the IS_MANAGED option.

This allows the core source files to be edited within Vivado tool and prevents re-customization of the core.

3. In the Sources tab of the Sources section, select IP Sources and select the XDC file as shown below:

4. Edit the file with your custom constraints for transceiver locations and save.

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AR# 57007
Date 05/25/2015
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  • Kintex-7
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  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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