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AR# 57043

14.6 AXI BFM - ModelSim PE - Error: (vsim-3193) Load of "libxil_vsim.dll" failed: Bad DLL format.


When I attempting to run simulation of AXI BFM with ModelSim PE I receive the following error:

# vsim +notimingchecks -L xilinxcorelib_ver -L secureip -L unisims_ver -L unimacro_ver -pli libxil_vsim.dll -t ps -novopt bfm_system_tb glbl
# Loading libxil_vsim.dll # ** Error: (vsim-3193) Load of "libxil_vsim.dll" failed: Bad DLL format.
# ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI object file "libxil_vsim.dll".


If you launch ModelSim PE from the XPS GUI, the error can occur because of a mismatch between 64bit EDK and 32bit ModelSim PE.
Try to launch ModelSim PE from the 32bit ISE command prompt instead.

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AR# 57043
Date 03/25/2015
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