AR# 57157

14.x PlanAhead - Associate ELF file in the PlanAhead tool removes the DUT in simulation sources


I have created a simple PlanAhead design containing an XPS sub-module. However, if I try to associate the ELF file, the DUT disappears from the simulation sources and I can no longer add the module.

How can I address this issue?


During ELF association, the PlanAhead tool is issuing the following command which is disassociating the source set from the sim set:

set_property SOURCE_SET {} [get_filesets sim_1] 

To work around this issue, do not use the Associate ELF option in the PlanAhead tool.

Instead, do one of the following to associate sources to Simulation:


set_property SOURCE_SET {sources_1} [get_filesets sim_1] 

PlanAhead tool:

Tools -> Project Settings -> Simulation -> Advanced -> check the box (include all design sources for simulation)
AR# 57157
Date 10/09/2013
Status Active
Type Known Issues