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AR# 57189

System Generator 2013.2 - MATLAB crashes when simulation time limit is set using an expression incorporating workspace variables and when using the Waveform viewer


I am trying to simulate my System Generator model but it crashes with the following message and MATLAB pop-up window:

Matlab has encountered an internal problem and needs to close.

After selecting continue I receive the following error which suggests an issue with the initialization of the simulation time.

Error in 'duc_gc_v1/Gateway In' while executing C MEX S-function 'sysgen', (mdlInitializeSampleTimes), at time 0.0."


Is this a known issue?

How do I work around this?


This is a known issue in Vivado System Generator 2013.2 and is fixed in the 2013.3 release.

It was found that this crash occurs when the following two criteria are met.

  1. The simulation runtime set in the Matlab GUI contains an expression which needs to evaluate a workspace variable, for instance Tin*40, where Tin is a workspace variable.
  2. A signal or more than one signal has been added to the "Waveform Viewer"


  1. One work-around for this issue is to ensure that the simulation runtime set does not contain any variables and is just a number.
    For example, for the above if Tin = 3072, then replace Tin*40 with 122880 and no crash occurs.
  2. There is also an all OS patch available for this issue for 2013.2.
    Please find the patch attached to this answer record.


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AR# 57189
Date 08/31/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
  • System Generator for DSP - 14.5
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