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AR# 57242

2013.2 Vivado - Synthesizing a design with many instances of the same DCP files takes a long time


If I am synthesizing a design that contains many DCP files (e.g., Multiple IP core instances), the synthesis process takes hours to complete. If the DCP modules are replaced with HDL or NGC files, the synthesis process completes in less than twenty minutes.

Times will be different depending on the size of the design and number of DCP files used.


Vivado is processing the internal files of the Design Check Point (DCP) file more than is required when loading the DCPs for synthesis. When multiple instances of the same DCP are used, Vivado is re-loading the DCP for each instance when it should only be loaded once.

A patch for this issue is attached at the end of this answer record. The time saved as a result from using the patch will depend on the number and size of DCP modules instantiated multiple times.

  • Linux platforms: ar57242_Vivado_2013_2_Lin_preliminary_rev1.zip
  • Windows platforms: ar57242_Vivado_2013_2_Win_preliminary_rev1.zip

This issue has been resolved in Vivado Design Suite 2013.3. The patches listed above should not be used with Vivado Design Suite 2013.3.


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AR# 57242
Date 10/08/2013
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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