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AR# 57380

2013.2 Vivado HLS - @E [XFORM-711] : Error from DATAFLOW Pipeline


I am receiving the error below:

@E [XFORM-711] Function 'make_HOG_feature' (hog2_no_ih.c:30) failed dataflow checking: 
non-static global variable 'inputImage[0]' (hog2_no_ih.c:22) has read/write operations in function 'calc_histogram' and 'get_image'.

How can I debug this error?


This problem can occur if the ping-pong buffer is not used appropriately.

When using the Ping-Pong buffer, keep the following in mind:

Remember the dataflow channel cardinal rule: each channel can only have one producer/writer and one consumer/reader.

(UG902) (v2013.2) states the following on page 137:
To use dataflow pipelining, the arguments in each function must appear only twice:
Once as a producer from one function call (including return arguments) and once as a consumer in another function argument.

AR# 57380
Date 03/23/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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