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AR# 57401

Vivado - In non-project mode is there a way to archive or zip-up all of the files that have been read into memory?


I am using Vivado tool in non-project mode.

I have read in many source files from various directories.

Is there a command to archive or zip-up all of the files that have been read into memory?   I am looking for something similar to archive_project but for non-project mode.


One way you can do this is to turn the non-project session into a project-on-disk using the save_project_as command, and then use archive_project on the saved project.  This will preserve any sources that were read into that non-project session in the archive.  You can delete the project later if it is not needed.

However, please note that any designs you may have generated in the non-project session (by running synth_design, opt/place/route_design, etc.) or any checkpoints or other files you may have written from the non-project session by using any write_* or report_* commands, will not be automatically included in the generated archive, since they were not "sources" or "runs" in the original session.  You can manually include any of these needed files into the archive afterwards.  However, if you had set any properties (e.g. top, part, board, etc.), those will be preserved.
AR# 57401
Date 09/09/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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