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AR# 57466

Vivado Processing System 7: IP Integrator with Zynq-7000, SPI via EMIO names are not meaningful: SPI_1_io0_io and SPI_1_io1_io


In a Zynq-7000 system, using IPI, the names generated for SPI via EMIO are not meaningful.

What do SPI_1_io0_io and SPI_1_io1_io refer to?


The naming convention is as follow:

    SPI_1_io0_io, --------- MOSI 
    SPI_1_io1_io, --------- MISO 
    SPI_1_sck_io, --------- SCK
    SPI_1_ss_io   --------- SS[0]
    SPI_1_ss1_o,  --------- SS[1] or unused
    SPI_1_ss2_o,  --------- SS[2] or unused

Alternatively you can create the connections manually with the TCL commands below:
create_bd_port -dir O SPI1_MOSI_O

connect_bd_net [get_bd_pins /processing_system7_1/SPI1_MOSI_O] [get_bd_ports /SPI1_MOSI_O]

create_bd_port -dir O SPI1_SS_O
connect_bd_net [get_bd_ports /SPI1_SS_O] [get_bd_pins /processing_system7_1/SPI1_SS_O]

create_bd_port -dir I SPI1_SCLK_I
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pins /processing_system7_1/SPI1_SCLK_I] [get_bd_ports /SPI1_SCLK_I]

create_bd_port -dir I SPI1_MISO_I
connect_bd_net [get_bd_pins /processing_system7_1/SPI1_MISO_I] [get_bd_ports /SPI1_MISO_I]  
For compatibility reasons, this will not be fixed for Zynq-7000.
AR# 57466
Date 10/20/2014
Status Active
Type Known Issues
  • Zynq-7000
  • Vivado Design Suite
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.2
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