AR# 57473


LogiCORE IP XAUI, Virtex-6 GT Transceivers - The core fails to achieve alignment after link partner is reset or a cable re-plug - toggling on mgt_rxchanisaligned_r


When targeting Virtex-6 GTX or GTH 7 series Transceivers, A case has been seen where the XAUI Core sometimes fails to link up after the link partner is reset or there is a cable re-plug. 

In this case, synchronization is achieved on all four lanes, but align_status remains low.  

The GT output mgt_rxchanisaligned_r is seen toggling.  

An update is needed to the channel bond monitor block inputs to ensure that a reset is issued if channel bonding is not successful.




Change from:
.CHANBOND_DONE (chanbond_done),

Change to:
.CHANBOND_DONE (align_status_i),


Change from:
CHANBOND_DONE => chanbond_done,

Change to:
CHANBOND_DONE => align_status_i,

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AR# 57473
Date 09/23/2014
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