AR# 5751


2.1i Design Compiler - Typo in template .synopsys_dc.setup file (PARSE-1)


Keywords: Synopsys, XSI, .synopsys_dc.setup, template, dc_shell, PARSE-1, syntax error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using the template.synopsys_dc.setup_dc file in $XILINX/synopsys/examples to set up your
Synopsys Design Compiler environment, you may encounter the following error:

ERROR: .synopsys_dc.setup: syntax error on line 55 at or near 'instance_number pad_location part'.


This is due to a typo in the template file. Find the text that looks like this:

edifout_write_properties_list = {"instance_number" "pad_location" "part"
"INIT"}"instance_number pad_location part"

and remove everything after the closing curly bracket:

edifout_write_properties_list = {"instance_number" "pad_location" "part" "INIT"}
AR# 5751
Date 08/31/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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