AR# 57562


Example Design - Using the AXI DMA in interrupt mode to transfer data to memory


This Example Design provides an example of how to use the AXI DMA in interrupt mode to transfer data to memory.


Note: It is recommended that you complete the "Using the AXI DMA in polled mode to transfer data to memory" example design from (Xilinx Answer 57561) prior to starting this design.

This example design builds upon the 'polled mode' example above, adding interrupt-based control of the AXI DMA controller.

The datapath is identical to the 'polled mode' example, but it now shows you how to set up the hardware for interrupt control and how to use the software API to interact with the core.

For more details about the design, refer to the dma_ex_interrupt/doc directory.


The current version of this design was created in Vivado 2015.1.


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AR# 57562
Date 05/18/2018
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