AR# 5777


FPGA/Design Compiler - XC4000XV Synopsys synthesis and designware files are available.


Keywords: 4000XV, XC40150XV, XSI, FPGA Compiler, Design Compiler, DB, synthesis, simulation,
library, 40150_synlib.tar.Z

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The Synopsys FPGA and Design Compiler libraries for synthesis of the XC4000XV devices are
available for download from the Xilinx FTP site. Only the 40150XV-09 is specifically listed in this
set of libraries; use this part when synthesizing to any 4000XV device.

Instructions on how to install these files are included in a README file within the archive.

NOTE: These files are to be used with the Xilinx Alliance 1.5i version of the software only.
Synopsys software must be version 1998.08 or later.


These libraries may be downloaded from the following area:

To install these libraries:
1. Copy the file to a temporary directory.
2. Un-compress the file "uncompress 40150_synlibs.tar.Z".
3. Extract the archived files "tar xvf 40150_synlibs.tar".
4. Follow the installation instructions in the README file.
AR# 5777
Date 04/27/2007
Status Archive
Type General Article
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