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AR# 57785

2013.3 fir_compiler_v7_1 - Select Sequence and Select Optimization parameters do not work correctly


The FIR compiler Select Sequence and Select Optimization parameters do not work correctly. These parameters are helper functions to simpilfy the process of populating their companion parameters; Sequence ID List and Optimization List.


This is known issue with FIR compiler core XGUI infrastructure. The deficiency in the XGUI infrastructure means that any updates made using these parameters will not be retained or used by the generated instance.

The work-arounds are:

  • Do not use the helper parameters, Select Sequence and Select Optimization, and update the list parameters manually.
  • Or, make the updates then "cut" the content from the list parameters, Sequence ID List and Optimization List, such that it is empty. Select another parameter. Then return the parameter being editied and paste the content back into it. In this way, the change to the list parameters is registered by the XGUI infrastructure.
AR# 57785
Date 11/05/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FIR Compiler
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