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Vivado - How do you use the Incremental Compile Flow?


How do you use the Incremental Compile Flow?


Incremental Compile Flow is supported ever since Vivado Design Suite 2013.1, and you can use the Incremental Compile Flow in both project mode and non-project mode.

In the Project mode:

1) In the Design Runs window, right-click the new implementation run impl_2 and select Set Incremental Compile from the pop-up menu.

2) Browse to the reference DCP file as the incremental compile checkpoint and click OK.

3) Continue to run implementation.

In the Non-Project mode:

1) After opt_design, run the following command:

%read_checkpoint -incremental reference_routed.dcp

2) Continue to run implementation.

For more details see the Implementation guide, (UG904) which has a section on Incremental Compile at the end of Chapter 2:;d=ug904-vivado-implementation.pdf

AR# 57853
Date 06/21/2017
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