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AR# 58005

Xilinx Evaluation Kits - How can one find the PWM switching frequency for a rail on a Xilinx Evaluation Kit?


6 and 7 Series Xilinx Evaluation Kits use the Texas Instruments power solution, using UCD9xxx parts.

These digital PWM system controllers support various switching frequencies. 

How can I determine the PWM switching frequency for a particular rail on the board?


The .xml file for a particular UCD9xxx part can be used to determine the PWM switching frequency of a particular power rail.

For example, using the board user guide and schematic, VCCINT details can be found.

This is rail 1 of U42 on the VC709:



If you open the .xml file for the U42 device on the VC709 (VC709A_U42_Addr52_BH_revB.xml for example), and search for rail#1, the frequency can be determined:


In this example, the switching frequency for this rail is 500.0 kHz.

The same method can be applied to all other Evaluation Kits that implement the UCD9xxx power solution from Texas Instruments.

AR# 58005
Date 02/27/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
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