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AR# 58014

LogiCORE IP AXI Datamover v5.0 – Cannot configure large burst lengths and data widths


I am migrating my design from XPS to IPI and when I add the AXI Datamover v5.0, there is a limitation that did not exist previously in IPI.


For example, I want to configure the core to have a Memory Map Data Width of 512 and a Maximum Burst Size of 256.

However, the AXI Datamover v5.0 limits me to a Max Burst Size of 64 when selecting MM data width of 512.


Is this expected behavior? 


This is expected behavior and is intended to prevent the user from inadvertently violating the AXI4 spec which limits you to a maximum burst size of 4KB. 

512/8 bytes per beat * 64 beats per burst = 4KB per burst.

Anything larger than that would violate spec.


This check did not exist previously in XPS, but has been added for v5.0 of the core in Vivado.

AR# 58014
Date 03/25/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • AXI Datamover
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