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AR# 58035

2013.4 Vivado - I get [Synth 8-493] no such design unit 'xxxxx' ["B:/../../.../yyyy.vhd":115] when my design is migrated from 2013.2 to 2013.3


I have a design running correctly in Vivado 2013.2 but when it is migrated to Vivado 2013.3, synthesis cannot find the IP core and displays a message similar to the following:

Synth 8-493] no such design unit '<inst name>' ["C:/project/sources/ip/my_ip_core/hdl/my_ip.vhd":115]


This error occurs when an IP core (.xci file) is instantiated in Vivado 2013.3 or 2013.4. 

In Vivado 2013.3, the default IP core output target includes the generation of an Out of Context (OOC) synthesized DCP file. 

When the OOC is available, Vivado synthesis should use the stub file instead of the HDL file with the IP core name.

This is why the IP is not found when migrated to 2013.3.

Even if the IP was not OOC in the 2013.2 version, during migration the IP will be made OOC. 

This can be disabled by right clicking on the IP, then Generate Output Products and then unchecking the dcp option.

Generate again and this should put the IP into non OOC mode.
The issue is fixed in the 2014.1 Vivado release.
AR# 58035
Date 08/11/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.4
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