AR# 5808


1.5i Virtex Map - Application error: the instruction at address x referenced memory at address x


Keywords: Map, application error, service pack 1

Urgency: HOT

Short Description: Map causes the title error AFTER writing the ncd file, while
writing the map report file (map.mrp). In some cases x = 0x00000010, other
computers with same design, x = 0x00000003.


The output of map, the map.ncd file, is correctly written, and the problem is
occuring during the writing of the map report. One can succesfully place
and route the part by doing the following:

In the flow engine, back up the flow to before map, then select
Setup -> Advanced and select the implementation state to Mapped.
After that, Place and Route by clicking on the "Play" button at the bottom
of the GUI.

This problem is fixed for the 2.1i release due to be released in June, 1999.
AR# 5808
Date 04/25/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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