AR# 58174

2013.3 System Generator - "ERROR: [VRFC 10-149] 'axis_output_buffer' is not compiled in library v_ccm_v6_0"


I have a design from 2013.2 and I am porting it to 2013.3 System Generator, but the following error occurs when I attempt to compile for simulation:

ERROR: [VRFC 10-149] 'axis_output_buffer' is not compiled in library v_ccm_v6_0 [c:/data/projects/XAPPxxxx/vivado/project_1/project_1.srcs/sources_1/bd/dac_stim/ip/dac_stim_ddfs_1_0/work/hdl/ddfs_entity_declarations.vhd:125]


This is a known issue in Vivado System Generator 2013.3. Please apply the attached patch for your specific OS.

This issue is being investigated for a fix in a future release.


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AR# 58174
Date 08/30/2017
Status Active
Type General Article