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AR# 58267

Vivado IDE - Cancelling the process run in a manually copied project also cancels the process run in the original project


Cancelling the process run in a manually copied project also cancels the process run in the original project. Below is an example case of this problem.

1. Run Synthesis in a project
2. When the synthesis is still running, manually copy the whole project directory to another location
3. Open the copied project in a new Vivado GUI
4. When the copied project is opened, the GUI shows that Synthesis is running
5. Cancel the Synthesis run in the copied project. However, this also cancels the run in the original project

"Save Project As" will close the original project and open the copied project in the current Vivado GUI.

So in order to keep the synthesis process running in the original project, "Save Project As" cannot be used.


To avoid this issue, do not manually copy the project when a process is running. 

"Save Project As" can still be used to copy the project but not to stop the current run.

"Save Project As" closes the original project in the current Vivado GUI but does not stop the current run. 

It appears that the other project is closed, but if you launch another Vivado, open the original project and monitor the original run's log, it will show that the run is still going on . 

When the run completes, you can use the corresponding files for analysis which are located in the synth_x/impl_x run folder, such as .dcp, .rds, .rpt, .log, and etc.

AR# 58267
Date 04/17/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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