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AR# 58273

Post-Route simulation shows missing source files


I am trying to perform post Place And Route (PAR) simulation.

Some files in my testbench are shown in the hierarchy as 'unknown', i.e. a ? appears in the icon.
The files are all part of the project.

All of the 'unknown' files are used as sources in the compiled design, and then I reuse them as part of the testbench. 
All of the testbench files that are available/known are simulation-only files, such as models of components my design will eventually interface to.
Why is this occurring?

How do I make the files available to my post PAR simulation?

ERROR:HDLCompiler:1654 - "C:/Xilinx_prj/Lighthouse/Lighthouse_V5/SMd_DataModel.v" Line 324: Instantiating <DataInCRC> from unknown module <CRC16_fast>


ISE can have issues correctly associating a submodule when simulating.

Follow the steps below to correct this:
1) In the simulation view, change the simulation to Behavioral, then right-click on the previously missing instance referenced above and select Source Properties.
2) In View Association, change it from All to Simulation and click OK. (This effectively removes it from your Implementation view)
3) If you go back to Post-Route, you should now see that the missing file is no longer missing. You can then perform a simulation.
Note: You will need to change the view association back to All however when not simulating, so that it can find the file when compiling the design.

There is a possibility that the Post-Route simulation will not work when changing the view association.
This can occur in situations where ISE might need to re-compile the design, and the files can not be found.
AR# 58273
Date 01/22/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.6
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.7
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