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AR# 58277

Zynq-7000 PS USB Peripheral Driver Examples - Mass Storage and Ethernet


This answer record describes how to build and load a Linux kernel onto a development board using a cross compiler and SD card. 

The instructions show the zc702 board, but they can be used for other boards too. 

There are two examples:

  • Mass Storage device (peripheral)
  • Linux-based CDC Ethernet RNDIS adapter (peripheral) CDC Ethernet RNDIS adapter (peripheral)


The mass storage device example makes the Zynq board appear as a small 1 MB flash memory device when connected to a Host system. 

The Ethernet RNDIS example creates an adapter to allow another system (Host PC) to access the Linux operating system. 

The functionality on the Zynq board depends on what features are built into the kernel.

In the Ethernet example, netperf is supported by the kernel.

The RNDIS device example is available for ARM Linux only.

Refer to the attached PDF file for instructions. There is no code provided with these examples.


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AR# 58277
Date 11/28/2014
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