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AR# 58351

14.7 Licensing - ERROR:Security:11 - No 'ISE' nor 'WebPack' feature was available for part 'xc7z100'


The following errors are encountered during the MAP process for a project targeting an XC7Z100 device:

ERROR:Security:11 - No 'ISE' nor 'WebPack' feature was available for part 'xc7z100'
Error:Map:258 - A problem was encountered attempting to get the license for this architecture

How can I resolve these errors?


This occurs because the XC7Z100 device requires a limited access license starting from ISE 14.6.

The following is from UG631 (v14.6):

Limited Access Devices
The following devices are Limited Access that require a special license:

Note: 7Z100 - Moved from Public Access in ISE 14.5 to Limited Access in ISE 14.6. The 7Z100 will no
longer be officially supported by the ISE tools.

  • Zynq-7000
    • 7Z100
  • Virtex-7
    • VX1140T, 2000T, H580T and H870T

To resolve the errors, get the special license that is required by the limited access devices.

We recommend using Vivado software for designs targeting these parts.

AR# 58351
Date 12/05/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.6
  • ISE Design Suite - 14.7
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