AR# 58410

AXI4-Stream to Video Out - Why is there no output from AXI4-Stream to the Video Out core?


An Issue can arise in Video designs where the AXI4-Stream to Video Out does not lock.

This article lists general guideline on how to debug this problem.


In situations where the AXI4 Lite interface is available for the AXI4-Stream to Video Out, the core can be reset or enabled through this software.

FID should be grounded for non-interlaced images. 

If the core is not properly reset, there will not be output signals.

When the Video Data path includes VDMA:
  • AXI4-Stream to Video Out should be set to Master.
  • mm2s_HSIZE and mm2s_Stride in the VDMA should be set to bytes per line, not pixels per line.


When the Video Data path contains Video Scaler IP:

  • Ensure the input frame size of AXI4-Stream to Video Out is correct.
  • Ensure that the Clock frequency is fast enough to give Video Scaler enough time to process pixels.

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AR# 58410
Date 08/01/2014
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