AR# 58424

14.7 - SDK - OS - Xilkernel is not exiting sleep() if the MicroBlaze Configuration parameter; C_BASE_VECTORS is not set to 0x0


In a simple Zynq system, I have a MicroBlaze in the Programmable Logic which using the Xilkernel.

I need to set the C_BASE_VECTORS parameter to a value other than 0x0.

However, the Xilkernel system will not exit the sleep function if this is done.

How can I resolve this issue?


To fix this issue, download the zip file attached to this Answer Record and follow the steps below:

1. Unzip the file

2. In SDK, go to Xilinx Tools > Repositories. 

Select New..., and browse to the AR58424_patch folder.


Note: the folder hierarchy in the AR is set up to allow the tools to resolve the Xilkernel patch.

3. Right Click on the BSP in the Project Explorer View, and select Board Support Package Settings.

4. Change the Xilkernel OS Version to 5.2, as shown below:


5. If the project does not automatically clean, then select Project > Clean.

Note: The Xilkernel on the MicroBlaze uses the Timer Interrupts, see (Xilinx Answer 58429) for more information.



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