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AR# 58429

EDK 14.7 - SDK Drivers - MicroBlaze Interrupt system is not working if the C_BASE_VECTORS is not set to 0x0


I have a simple MicroBlaze system using the Timer interrupt connected to the MicroBlaze via the AXI Interrupt controller. 

However, if I export to SDK, and create a Peripheral test application, the timer interrupt test fails.

How can I resolve this?


To fix this, download the zip file attached to this Answer Record and follow the steps below:
1. Unzip the file
2. In SDK, go to Xilinx Tools > Repositories, Select New..., and browse to the AR58429_patch folder

Note: the Folder Hierarchy in the AR is set up to allow the tools to resolve this patch.
3. Right Click on the BSP in the Project Explorer View, and select Board Support Package Settings.
4. Change the AXI Interrupt driver Version to 2.07.a, as shown below:

5. If the project does not automatically clean, then select Project > Clean


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AR# 58429
Date 03/13/2015
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