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AR# 58445

2013.4 Vivado - "ERROR: [Vivado 12-563] The file type 'IP-XACT' is not user settable"


I have created a project and then packaged the project using Package IP Wizard. This generated the component.xml file and it was added to the project.

Then, write_project_tcl was used to generate a Tcl for source control.

When trying to restore the project with this Tcl file, an error is generated:

ERROR: [Vivado 12-563] The file type 'IP-XACT' is not user settable.

This comes from the section:

set file "$orig_proj_dir/../component.xml"
set file [file normalize $file]
set file_obj [get_files -of_objects sources_1 [list "*$file"]]
set_property "file_type" "IP-XACT" $file_obj

Also, if I use the same command in the Tcl console, it generates the same error, but IP-XACT is a valid file_type and the TCL was generated by the tool.


The Tcl file is being generated incorrectly in this case.

To work around the problem, comment out the set_property "file_type" "IP-XACT" $file_obj and complete the Tcl run.

This issue has been fixed in Vivado 2014.1.

AR# 58445
Date 04/16/2014
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2013.3
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