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2013.4 Install - I am unable to download Vivado Design Suite 2013.4


If I attempt to download the Vivado Design Suite 2013.4, either nothing happens when I click the link, or the download appears to start and then seems to "hang."

How can I resolve this issue?


Older versions of some browsers have issues with file sizes greater than 4 GB. Therefore, Xilinx requires the use of the Akamai Download Manager Java-based plug-in when downloading Vivado design tool images. However, your company's IT policy or firewall might not permit the Plug-in Manager to launch or operate properly. To bypass the required Download Manager and attempt to download using your browser's capabilities, click one of the following links:

Important Information: The following links are not recommended for use with any version of Internet Explorer prior to 9. Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions are known to have issues natively handling download files greater than 4 GB in size over an HTTP stream.

A Download Manager with start, stop, and retry capability is strongly recommended for the large Xilinx installation files. Browser download capabilities alone might not offer as robust or as fast of a download experience.

Links for using browser download capability only:

Vivado Design Suite - 2013.4 Full Product Installation

Multi-File Download: Vivado (No SDK) - 2013.4 Full Product Installation

If you are still experiencing difficulties downloading the Xilinx Design Tools from the above links, as well as from our Download Center, please log into the Xilinx Technical Support page for further assistance.

AR# 58485
Date 07/04/2017
Status Archive
Type General Article
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