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AR# 58655

2013.3/4 Vivado Simulator - In non-project mode XSim does not handle back slashes in directory paths in the XSim command line


I am receiving the following error message when I run my simulation through my Tcl script with a specific path to the WCFG file included:

ERROR: [Wavedata 42-2] Error while reading WCFG file 'D:/FPGA_TestProjects/dir1/work/DoNorm/default/......src estbenchesDoNormdefaultdefault.wcfg'.

The Tcl file contains the following XSim command:

call %VivadoDir%\bin\xsim.bat --log xsim.log --onerror stop --onfinish stop --gui --view ..\..\..\src\testbenches\DoNorm\default\default.wcfg --tclbatch xsim.tcl --snapshot default

It appears the backslashes in the pathname are not being correctly resolved within XSim.


This issue has been seen with both 2013.3 and 2013.4. 

A CR has been filed to fix this issue in a future release.

For now, possible workarounds are:

  1. Place the complete path in curly brackets: {},
    The path in the above XSim command would become: --view {..\..\..\src\testbenches\DoNorm\default\default.wcfg}
  2. Remove the --view switch and option from the command line and add the open_wave_config command to the xsim.tcl file as follows:   
    open_wave_config {..\..\..\src\testbenches\DoNorm\default\default.wcfg}
  3. Use forward slashes instead of backslashes.

  4. Escape the backslashes with forward slashes.

Please note there are other characters which may need to be escaped, for example \t is being resolved as a tab and as such both the backslash and the t need to be escaped in this case.

There is an attached patch available for Windows for 2013.4.


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AR# 58655
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