AR# 58720

2013.3 DSP48 Macro 3.0 Rev 3 does not work correctly in Vivado 2013.4 when upgraded from a previous Vivado release


I am upgrading a design with the DSP48 Macro 3.0 Rev 1 block to DSP48 Macro 3.0 Rev 2 or Rev 3.

The design does not match expected behavior in both simulation and hardware for instructions which previously behaved correctly when using Rev 1 of the block. 


This is a known issue with DSP48 Macro 3.0 when the DSP48 Macro 3.0 core is upgraded from Rev1 to Rev 2 or Rev 3. 

The root cause of this issue is a change in how certain instructions are implemented which does not account for certain pipeline configurations. 

To resolve this issue, you must install the attached patch over your Vivado Design Suite 2013.4 installation.

To install the patch, unzip the contents of the ZIP file to the root directory of your Vivado installation. 

Installation instructions are available in the "readme" file included with the patch.


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AR# 58720
Date 10/13/2014
Status Active
Type General Article