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AR# 58789

Vivado - Attempting to use a "?" as a wildcard character in a Tcl command results in "Invalid command name "?" "


When attempting to use the '?' wildcard character on a bus, Vivado errors with the following:

Invalid command name "?"

However, when I use the '*' wildcard character in the same situation, this works.

For example:

get_ports led_pins[?]  //Returns an error

get_ports led_pins[*] //Works correctly


Special built-in capability was included in the Vivado Tcl parser to handle the '*' wildcard character between substitution characters '[' and ']', but this was not included for the '?' character.

A simple work-around for this is to use escape characters as follows:

get_ports led_pins\[?\]

Alternatively, brackets can be used:

get_ports {led_pins[?]}

AR# 58789
Date 12/16/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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