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AR# 58837

2013.3 Vivado Sysgen - Modelsim block produces errors in modelsim console: can't read "vsimPriv(windowmgr)": no such element in array / # ** Error: Tree does not exist


The following error occurs in the modelsim console window when Modelsim is launched from Sysgen:

# /pathtotest/run/modelsim/modelsim.tcl: can't read "vsimPriv(windowmgr)": no such element in array
#     while executing
# "$vsimPriv(windowmgr) WindowVisible library"
#     (procedure "mtiLibrary::LBCancelDesignPaneUpdate" line 3)
#     invoked from within
# "mtiLibrary::LBCancelDesignPaneUpdate"
#     (procedure "vlib" line 2)
#     invoked from within
# "vlib work"
#     (file "/pathtotest/run/modelsim/modelsim.tcl" line 80)
#     invoked from within
# "source /pathtotest/run/modelsim/modelsim.tcl"
#     ("uplevel" body line 1)
#     invoked from within
# "uplevel "#0" [list source $fn]"

I also see further down the console:

# ** Error: Tree does not exist: 
# Executing ONERROR command at macro ./modelsim.tcl line 213

Simulation appears to work successfully and I get a waveform in the wave window.


This is a known issue when using the ModelSim Block in Vivado Sysgen. It only occurs on Linux OS and can be safely ignored.

The simulation still runs successfully.

AR# 58837
Date 06/05/2014
Status Active
Type General Article
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