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This Answer Record contains child answer records covering Language Support for Vivado Simulator. The answer records provides explanation of these issues which you may face while using Vivado Simulator. The answer record also contains information related to known issues and good coding practices.

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Simulation Language Options

(Xilinx Answer 57127) Vivado Simulator - Post Synthesis and Post Implementation Timing simulation options are greyed out in my VHDL Vivado project, how can I run VHDL timing simulations?
(Xilinx Answer 59598) Vivado Simulator FAQ - How do I simulate with a single language simulator?
(Xilinx Answer 63996) Vivado Simulation Flow - Understanding the Simulator Language Option


(Xilinx Answer 62678) Does the Vivado Simulator Support VHDL 2008?
(Xilinx Answer 56994) Does the Vivado Simulator support the 'driving_value VHDL system task?
(Xilinx Answer 56237) Does the Vivado Simulator (XSim) support the 'driving attribute?
(Xilinx Answer 63982) Vivado Simulator (XSIM) - Language Support on VHDL
(Xilinx Answer 56236) What verilog system tasks are supported in the Vivado Simulator (XSim)?
(Xilinx Answer 56992) Does the Vivado Simulator support the $dumpoff / $dumpon system tasks?
(Xilinx Answer 63983) Vivado Simulator (XSIM) - Language Support on Verilog
System Verilog
(Xilinx Answer 59002) 2014.x - Vivado Simulator (XSIM) - System Verilog Support
(Xilinx Answer 63958) 2015.1 Vivado Simulator - print format specifier %p doesn't work on associative array


Mixed-Language Simulation

(Xilinx Answer 64050) Vivado Simulator - Use Mixed Language Simulation

(Xilinx Answer 57549) Vivado Simulator - "[VRFC 10-1089] near character 0 ; 3 visible types match here" when directly instantiating Verilog modules in VHDL

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