AR# 58907

2013.3 - boost::filesystem:: error when running compile_simlib for ModelSim


When running compile_simlib  with ModelSim, the following error occurs:

compile_simlib -32bit -language vhdl -library all -simulator modelsim
Setting compile_simlib main output directory to '/users/jcheret/toto/.'.
Setting smulator 'modelsim' output directory to '/users/jcheret/toto/.'.
Get MODELSIM environment variable
MODELSIM: ( => '/users/jcheret/toto/' )
Using MODELSIM ( => '/users/jcheret/toto/' )

Setting up the simulator 'modelsim' for compilation ...
The executable path is set to '/opt/modelsim/modeltech/bin' ...
Encrypted File /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2013.3/data/vhdl/src/unisims/unisim_retarget_VCOMP.vhdp.
Generating the file - '/users/jcheret/toto/./.compedklib_ise_info' for EDK ...
Retrieving the .pao files for EDK library ...
Building the library hierarchies from the .pao files for EDK library ...
Assigning the netlist files to the hierarchies for EDK library ...

Compiling Xilinx HDL Libraries for 'modelsim' simulator
Model Technology ModelSim SE vcom 10.2c Compiler 2013.07 Jul 18 2013
Language => 'vhdl,verilog'
boost::filesystem::copy_file: is a directory: "/users/jcheret/toto/", "/users/jcheret/toto/.bak"


This error occurs when the MODELSIM environment variable is set.

Removing the MODELSIM variable enables compile_simlib to successfully complete.

AR# 58907
Date 07/29/2014
Status Active
Type General Article